Friday Finishes

Friday Finishes


Welcome to Friday Finishes,   my weekly track records with swing trading.

This blog summarizes my results each week, recording the gains and losses each day. At the Friday Finishes, I will decide to hold’em, fold’em, walk away, or run.


While many mountains stand before me, I aim and seek to succeed. I will also attempt to apply as much of the Rule One investing philosophy during the process when possible.


Goal: Achieve an average of $500.00 net daily profit each week.

Objective: Screen for high volatile stocks of quality companies.

  1. Do I understand this business? Do I know this market?
    1. What product or service does it offer?
  2. What is a key component, a characteristic that continues to meet the demands of consumers?
  3. Margin of Safety: Is the price of the current stock discounted by at least 35 percent? (variable)
  4. Does it have good management?


To begin, I need to identify companies in areas I already know and am passionate about. Regardless the size of the market cap, there are companies that support the demands within my interest circle.


This episode explains how to look at a business more closely to see if it will make money. Phil further explains that the focus is obtaining good businesses at a discount, or not buys it at all at that time. However, this works perfectly with more reliable markets, but can help guide me through violent ones like micro caps.




Goal: $500.00 daily net average gains

Market: small and Micro

Price Range: 0.0004 — 5.00

Weekly trades: 2 — 5

Volatility spread: 50 — 300



Disclaimer: Until access to accurate and sufficient information becomes accessible, my results are highly volatile.


Mountains to climb:


  • An accessible means to reliably and independently have direct access to available data common to the public.
  • Equal access through inclusion at the outset is best, but concession can be made to supplement.
  • Accessible Signal indicators like the free Stochastic Oscillator, which I do not know how to use.
  • Accessible access to icharts




Still, I would like to see how far I can go and implement lessons learned on the way. This blog will not hide the losses, but will use each one to adjust the approach for better future results, when they occur.


Why I got started with stock investing.